Author and ardent techies , Devanshu Bajaj share his innate wisdom on Mobiles , Laptops , Apps , and knowledge of technology . He also shows us how to make the most use of it! With just a little help from our trusty computers and Smartphones , the duo educate us on a variety of practical applications and online safeguard to help us get the best out of technology and not get beat down by it.

From the ordinary and practical to the amazing, he gives you solutions that range from mundane to the ingenious! And in a language that’s simple and easy to follow.

“The Tech Diaries” promises to serve and spread knowledge on Technology to everyone who visits us .


Devanshu Bajaj is a student of Class XI . He is originally from “Kanpur” , a town in “Uttar Pradesh” . “The Tech Diaries” is his second successful website after which is fully controlled and managed by him.

An Aluminous of “Sheiling House School” . He is aiming to fulfill his entrepreneurship dream by running more and more websites on Technology and other niches .

Currently he is the Founder and Administrator of “Factnocian India” and “The Tech Diaries” .

Devanshu Bajaj has been an article writter since 2015¬†and also running various successful websites namely “securehacking,org” and “” . He has been working in this field since 2014.

Devanshu Bajaj is contributing his efforts to improve knowledge and to make the people aware about various aspects of Technology.

He can be contacted at Instagram