Android is coming up with new technologies and in this span we have brought some of the best android apps(free & paid), to make your smartphone even smarter.

You can find apps for the music lovers, launcher lovers, Facts lover, people who chat a lot, gaming lovers and a lot more.

So, let’s start :-

Pixel Launcher - The Tech DariesPixel LauncherThis is the most beautiful launcher by Google. This launcher provides you a light weighted theme and a cool app drawer which enters the screen if you drag your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen. This  best feature about this app, it allows you to search for apps in the app drawer. Installing this launcher in your phone makes your operations much faster and this feature makes the make one of the best android apps in the category of launchers.

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Material Notes - The Tech DiariesMaterial NotesThis App is a very handy app with allows you to write notes and put them on your home screen as a widget. This widget can be resized and has a very colorful theme which attracts the eyes. The notes can also be used as a reminder as they can be placed on the home screen and is eye catching so we look upon them whenever we use our phone. The best part of this app which makes it one of the best andorid apps of the category of notes is that you can export your notes in your desired form like a ms-word document, Ms-exel Spreadsheet.

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Dactly - The Tech DiariesDactlyThis app is meant for photography lovers’ selfie lover’s. This app is for those mobiles which have fingerprint sensor. Taping on the sensor will click photographs for you in the rear and front camera both. The best part of this app is that helps in improving the shutter and clicking clear and focused images. I have found this app one of the best Android apps in the category of photography.

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Screenshot Utility - The Tech DiariesScreenshot UtilityMany times we click a screenshot and want to edit it. We like add some text, circle important points, add images, etc and for doing all this we download separate editing apps which generally leave there watermark which doesn’t look great. Screenshot utility is one such app which allows you to edit your screenshot to the fullest. It doesn’t leave any watermark on the pic which makes it the best android app for editing screenshots. If you take screenshots, you must definately have this app.

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Long screenshot - The Tech DiariesLong ScreenshotIf you want to click a screenshot of a report or long chats then we click various screenshot to get the full document clicked but now there is no need to click a lots of screenshots, you can click long screenshots of the reports and chats and get the information of 3 to 4 screenshots in just one screenshot.

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Curious Facts - The Tech DiariesCurious FactsThis app has been made for those who love facts and also for those who love to learn something new and crazy everyday. It flashes some short facts which can be verified from Google. This app has a dark theme and beautiful color combinations which attracts the eye. You must have this app if you love learning facts.

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Palette - The Tech DiariesPaletteWe see a lot of colors around us, a lot of shades. Some look alike but they aren’t and have minor difference. If you like color but just don’t the shade of it then there this app comes to action. You need yo click the photograph of the color and this app will tell the code of the color which can be entered wherever you want and that color and it will give you the same shade. In the category of color codes this app stands on the top of the best Android apps.

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Raid For Twitter - The Tech DiariesRaidIf you get bored using the Twitter and want something interesting feature while you are using Twitter which has a very cool user interface and provided you to do faster operations. Among the Best Android apps it stands at the top for the best alternative app to twitter.

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Noon Pacific - The Tech DiariesNoon PacificPeople who love music must have this app. This app has around 15 playlists with around 120 songs by new artists. This app only has trending English songs. You don’t need to go anywhere else in app. Its also has a various sharing buttons, with a light Weighted theme. It is one of the best Android apps to explore new music.

To download this app click here - The Tech DiariesAmp.meIt is party app which allows you to play are music at the same time in one or more devices simultaneously. Playing the same music in one or more devices makes the sound louder. This app has proved itself one of the best Android apps, every party which doesn’t have loud speakers can use app and make the party more crazy. All devices should have this app installed.

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PIN Genie Locker - The Tech DiariesPIN Genie LockerIt is the feature of locking apps, it provides light themes and can lock your phone or apps with pin, pattern, passcode. It creates groups with various number and you need to choose between them the passcode. The groups get reshuffled every time so there is no chance that someone may read your passcode. This app is the best app among the best Android apps used to protect apps and phone.

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Flyperlink - The Tech DiariesFlyperlinkImagine you are chating with a friend on messenger and suddenly a website opens, is it not annoying. Now there is a solution to it, you can put that website to open in flyperlink which is a floating browser. It will open links in the browser and will float like a chathead of Facebook messenger. It has a lot of features which makes it the best app among the best Android apps in the category of floating browsers.

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Chameleon Run - The Tech DiariesChameleon RunIt is a addictive game with a lot of cool features. It is a better game than subway suffers and has proved itself to be the best adventure game. It can make you a professional gamer as its dificulity level is too high.

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I have often heard from that they do not get fast internet speed, so i want tell you an awesome app which will help you to increase your internet speed.

There are a lot of internet speed boosting apps but i have picked up the best speed booster among the best android apps.

Whenever we talk about Twitter, the only thing which comes to mind is that who can we write long tweets in twitter. Now there is a solution which makes your tweeting easy.

An App which comes to mind whenever i think of Best Android Apps is the Cafe Coffee Day App from which you can get a coffee free from Cafe Coffee Day.

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