INTERNET, in 2017 has emerged very wide, technology has developed a lot. Digital Payments are being encouraged but there is a big question mark to slow INTERNET SPEED. If the internet speed is slow then the digital development is not possible.
So, I, Devanshu Bajaj today have to tell you that how can you increase your INTERNET SPEED through a simple APP just one click away. Using the APP will make your internet speed more faster and simpler.
Speedify is the APP which makes your internet faster. It easily combines your cellular and Wifi connection to get more bandwidth to make your work faster, even if your wifi stops working.
When your Phone or Tablet is connected to a poor wifi connection, SPEEDIFY will seamlessly switch to cellular without disconnection and keeps you working.
This APP uses a “CHANNEL BONDING” technology which splits your INTERNET traffic packet-by-packet across any available internet connections, enabling faster and more reliable performance of uploads, downloads, streaming content and more.
Another merit of APP is that it can work can work along with your other APPs in the background without disturbing your ongoing work.
It works in the background to keep you connected to your favorite APPs and your internet speed healthy.
Speedify perfectly works everywhere in the world. This APP can also be used to unblock websites on the internet by changing the server location manually,
The best part of this APP is that it does not record your activities which you perform after activating it.
You can work for 1 Gigabyte of internet activities for free every month. You can earn additional usage for that month by referring your friends and family.
You can also upgrade your APP to get unlimited access by just paying $ 4.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year.
This APP continuously uses your mobiles GPS also while running at the background which can decrease your battery percentage drastically.

To get started with Speedify to boost your internet speed, just follow the steps below:

Step-1 Down load the speedify APP from the Google Play store (for Android users) or Apple App store (For IOS users)

Android users can also download speedify directly from the link below


Step-2 After downloading the application just open it

Step-3 Click on “GET STARTED”       

Step-4 There may be a “Setup” page will open.Give permission to Setup the APP









Step 5 Now a welcome Page may be shown which may look like this

If shown just click “SOUNDS GOOD!”

Step-6 Now a Page will be shown (Refer the image below)

Step-7 Now click on the icon (image II) and the button will change its color (Image II)

Step-8 Boom! Your Internet will boost in some time.


Speedify can also be used for VPN services. It can change your internet location to any other country.
To change location just click where your country name is being shown and tap on it. Change the home country to some other country and you can now surf the Internet from the location of the country you had chosen.


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