1. Often on Twitter we cannot tweet more than 140 characters. Now there is an app called Storm It with the help of which you can tweet more than 140 characters. I will show you how to use it. It is basically used in downloaded for free on Google Play store.

Made by the talented folks at NFN Labs storm it lets you collect or compose your idea down as a continuous note and then automatically splits them into 2, 3 even 4 tweets which are posted in your account. The app looks and works like the Android App, but with the added account of signing in directly through the Twitter account configured on IOS.

It is so simple and can be used with ease. Now you don’t need to worry that you can’t write after some characters long but with this app, you can keep on texting and typing your thoughts without worrying about how much characters you’ve used. The app with automatically split your block of text into tweets, prepared the “<number>” format to it and you can send your tweets.

Storm It provides you an option to choose between I/N format and 1/format for your tweets and also saves everything you’ve written in it, so you can revisit it at a later time.

It works on a tweetstorm technology, in which if your idea/thought is more than the limit of the tweet then the app converts your idea into multiple tweets which are tweeted in your account.

I like it as it saves time. You can maximize your time such a wonderful app, I must say. I recommend this app to the users of Twitter. Try this app and I am sure that this app will prove useful to.


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