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We all use smartphones and we all have a powerbank. But do you have any idea of powerbank capacities?
Imagine you have a 3000 mAh battery capacity smartphone. You have purchased 12000 mAh capacity powerbank . Now you have to apply Mathematics and calculated as to how many times you can charge your phone..You thought you can charge your phone four times as you have divided it by 4. But it doesn’t charge that much.

So where is the problem? Is it duplicate or are the brands misselling?

Take any branded powerbank whether it be Samsung,Anchor, Nokia or Xiaomi….Are we not using it properly?? We don’t have an idea of how to use them efficiently.

Now I am going to reveal the truth. When we connect our phone to USB point of 5V , our phone converts it. It brings down the voltage to 4.2V to 4V. Now suppose you are using a 10000 mAh Powerbank , you multiply it with 3.7 . Now divide the answer by 4.2 , you will get 8809
(10000*3.7)/ 4.2= 8809
So this is the output we get!!!

We will get losses in the charging capacities. Phone also release lot of heat. Energy gets dissipated in the form of heat energy.

8809mAh*80%= 7047mAh

If you have a 10000 mAh powerbank , you will et around 6000 to 7000 mAH.

You will never get the full capacity.

Energy looses as it is transmits it is a universal truth and we have believe it , this does not mean that the companies are cheating you by selling you powerbanks of 10000 mAh but delivering 7047 mAh .

So friends, this is the reason behind the powerbank capacities. So next time you purchase a powerbank definitely do the small calculation and then purchase.

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