To Learn how to unblock websites on the internet we need to understand how does the firewall block them, then only we can break up that connection and access that website and this process is required to Unblock Websites on the internet.

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Usually, whenever we want to visit a website, we start our browser and type the web address of the website that we want to visit in the URL address bar and wait for a response. In the meantime the browser sends that web address to the local Domain Name Sever (DNS) to convert it into its respective IP Address. This process of converting a website address or domain name into its respective IP Address is known as a DNS Lookup. Within a few seconds, your browser will get a response back from the DNS server and will connect you to the respective website. This process takes place in the background and takes seconds to complete because of which we do not feel it taking place. Without DNS Lookup we cannot connect to any website on the internet.

However, the problem is that nowadays, most colleges, companies and organizations block access to some of the most interesting websites on the internet by blocking DNS Lookups or specific domains. To understand how to unblock access to these blocked website, it is first important to understand how your local network administrator is blocking access to your favourite websites. Whenever you type a website address in your address is found in the blocked websites list, your access is denied.

Let Us assume that there is this particular website that you really want to desperately access, but unfortunately your local firewall has blocked access to it. Here we are introducing you to HTTP Proxy Server which allows you to stream your favourite website and also protects your privacy. It allows you to bypass censors and this whole process sums to Unblock Websites.

 To Unblock Websites you just need to enter into an proxy server and connect to a proxy and then you an surf any website on the internet safely.

Popular Web Proxy used to unblock websites are :-


There are also some websites which have a lot of proxy server providing websites listed. You can use these websites to Unblock Websites on the internet. One of the best websites is .

We also have some awesome solutions to unblock websites for the android users. There is a awesome software which is present in both android and windows platforms, the software is used worldwide to Unblock websites. The software is “Your Freedom”, you can download the software from . This software stands as the best software used to unblock websites. You can change your privacy in just a click with this software and can unblock websites and also completely change your identity on the internet.

You can use to check your Ip address and your identity on the internet. After the service to unblock websites is active you can you use Whats my ip address to check to what location your identity has been changed.

Whenever we talk about android, often get confused between apps, we have brought the best android apps.

You can also get 1.7 GB 4G Vodafone internet data free from My Vodafone App.

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