Apple Inc has recently launched the Iphone 8, Iphone 8+, Iphone X or Iphone 10. Main attraction of the launch event was the special edition of Iphone, Iphone X which has been launched in the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Iphone. Iphone X has been priced at $1000 and $1149.  Has the Iphone X really made the 10th Anniversary special ? Is the Iphone X overpriced ? Is the latest Iphone a worth buy ? What reviewers have to say about the Iphone X ? Should you buy the special edition of IPhone, Iphone X ? Which is better Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Iphone X ? Today we will talk about the special features of Iphone X, its specs, comparison to Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So let’s start.

Iphone x vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - The Tech Diaries

IPhone X

Display and Resolution

Apple has used OLED multi touch display exclusively for Iphone X. “Super Retina” display which means more vibrant colors, brighter screen, more fun while watching movies or play games.  Iphone X has been introduced with a 5.8 inch infinity display or edge-to-edge display with a resolution of 2436 by 1125 pixels. The screen also has a oleophobic coating which prevents the smartphone from fingerprint smudges and scratches. Whereas Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a 6.3 inches Quad HD Display with Oleophobic coating and a screen resolution of 2960 by 1440. Due to the OLED display Iphone X wins over Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in terms of display and resolution.




Built Quality and Design

Iphones have always been known for its home button which is placed at the bottom of the smartphone and superb built quality. This year with Iphone X Apple is trying to make Iphones more durable, rough and tough. Iphone X has a glass finish on both front and the back side of the device. The Surgical Quality Glass and Stainless steel makes the Iphone very much fit for the extreme conditions of being damaged. Apple has innovated IPhones this year by completely removing the home button from Iphone X. If we look towards exteriors, Iphone X proves itself to be a premium smartphone not only through its build quality but also because of its awesome design. The infinity or edge-to-edge display adds to the richness of this smartphone. As compared to Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Iphone X wins over the Note 8 mainly because of its aspect ratio.


Water resistant - Iphone x vs samsung galaxy note 8 - Iphone X - The Tech Diaries


Water Resistance

Iphone X is a water resistant with rated IP67, which means that it can stay 1.5 meters upto 30min under water with absolutely no problems. Whereas Samsung galaxy Note 8 is a IP68 water resistant smartphone. There is a minor difference between the two smartphones in terms of water resistance.


A11 Boinic - Iphone X processor - Iphone X vs Samsunf Galaxy Note 8 - the tech diaries


Processor and Performance

Iphone X has been placed with A11 Bionic Chip the latest and most powerful processor ever in an Iphone. Apple claims that Iphone X can be used for high end games with multi tasking that too without any problem.

Samsung Galaxy has 6Gb of Ram packed with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 825 Processor. Both the smartphones are unbeatable in terms of processor.



Memory or Storage

Apple has released two variants for Iphone X, 64GB variant and 256GB variant. Now if you want to buy the IPhone X, go on with 256GB variant because paying $149 more is pretty economical. Load High end games, watch a lot of movies, store pictures, and do a lot more with the 256GB variant.


face id unlocking - face id - sensor - the tech diaries- apple pay - iphone x- iphone x vs samsung gALAXY NOTE 8



The smartphones all the sensors which the Iphone 7 Plus had expect the fingerprint sensor. Apple has removed the home button so it has also removed the fingerprint sensor. A new face id sensor has been added. The Face id sensor helps you to pay and unlock your device by just scanning your face. Apple claims the sensor to scan your face perfectly in a fraction of a second and even in low light conditions. If we are to have a look towards the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the sensor is not as similar as the note 8 because samsung has used IRIS Sensor whereas Apple has used Face Id Sensor. There is a major issue of data security in such a biometric lock.



Apple has also added some cool gestures to make this device attractive. These innovations make IPhone X a special and price worthy device. Some of the best gestures are listed below.

  1. If you swipe from the top left corner will take you to open the notifications panel.
  2. If you swipe from the top right corner will take you to open the control center of this device.
  3. Is security of the device a major issue for you ? Probably no, because now you can unlock your device with your face using Face Id. You can now transact on apps like Apple Pay using your Face Id as authorization.
  4. Do you remember Apple has not given a home button to this device, So think about how will you open the recent apps screen ? Previously we used to double tap on the button button but now in the IPhone X you need to swipe from the bottom of the screen to open the recent apps screen.
  5. Apple has connected the emojis to the real time expressions of the users. Now the emoji’s can react as same as the users react. This amazing feature can use for video recording, messaging, social sharing, etc. Apple has named this feature as Animoji.


camera of iphone x - i-phone x - iphone x vs samsung galaxy note 8 - the tech diaries



Apple has tried hard to make the camera of this smartphone a massive hit. Apple has added dual cameras on both front and rear cameras. In the rear dual cameras Apple has added a 12 MP wide angle lens and a telephoto lens with features like portrait mode and dual optical image stabilization which clicks clearer photos. You can capture good quality images even in low light conditions due to dual tone flash.

Now let’s have a look towards the front camera or selfie camera. Apple has given a dual camera setup in the device. 7 MP camera with Retina flash and packed with features like portrait mode, auto HDR, body and face detection.

What about the video recording quality ? The power cameras on the front and rear side can shoot 4K and HD quality videos. If you are a slow motion fan or a time lapse fan then this device has a support for you too. Shoot slow motion and time lapse videos with the rear camera. Even click photos while recording a 4K video.



Battery and Power – Air Power

Apple claims that the smartphone can work for 2 hours more as compared to Iphone 7 Plus. This seems that the battery backup of the smartphone is quite good. The device is fast charging and wireless charging enabled. Air Power is a pad for wireless charging which can be used for charging more than 3 devices at the same time.


Comparison to Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Apple Iphone X, some points can be took into consideration. The processor, ram, resolution are the strong points of Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Weak points are mainly the screen size. We are not used to handle 6.3 inches of screen and hence a lot of people may not consider Samasung Galaxy Note 8 as a worthy buy. Then too we feel that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may get more number of sales than Iphone X because Iphone X lacks the most trending feature of the market which is the fingerprint sensor. You can consider Samasung Galaxy Note 8 as your next new smartphone. Some of you can also consider Iphone X if you want a smartphone which can get a WAO reaction of the faces around you.





If you live in countries other than US, then you will; feel as if you are paying a lot more in  the form of tax. For example in India we need to 1 lacs rather than 75 Thousand for the same variant. There is a trick coming up on our website very soon through you can just pay 75 thousands in Indian currency and you can get the IPhone X.

If you are looking forward to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 then go for Midnight black varaint, you can click on the link to buy.


My Opine About Iphone X – Wrapping It Up

Iphone X is a smartphone which can be purchased by the rich class of people and will be treated as a status symbol. The smartphone has good built quality and amazing features. You can surely buy it if you are a Apple fan or want the smartphone as a status symbol but it is not a price worthy device.




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Sir,the review is good but i also want to know about One Plus 5

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Fantastic Article , but i also want to know about One Plus 5

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