4 points to consider before selling an Android Phone.

Phone-Sell-Data-Google-Android-Smartphone-ThetechdiariesI have observed that whenever people sell their old Android Phone they do not delete off their data which is very risky as the next owner using that phone may misuse that data. It is very important that you may take the following steps so that you may not leave anything behind for the next owner of the phone to be misused.

Think if you have given your phone to some store for repairing and a bad guy or hackers steals all your data and then misuses in future, so be safe from these bad guys.

The 4 Points are listed below:-

  • Backup

    Backup your data or store all your critical information or personal data like calendar entries, documents, photos, videos, contacts, sms data, app data. You can easily backup all your data though your Google account, you just need to sync your data to your Google account and then you can access all that data on the new phone by just logging into your Google account. You can also make a copy of your data at your computer, pen drives, etc. You can even use cloud platforms to backup your data and be secure. Use apps like “MyCloud”, “GCloud”, “Degoo Cloud”, these will backup data and store safely for your new phone.

  • Remove All Google Accounts 

    The next step which you must take is to removing all Google accounts manually. Do not use any automatic removal app or tool as they may delete your data without your permission. It is very simple to delete a Google account from your phone, just go to “settings” then to “accounts” and click on “Google” now you can see your google account their, just tap on it and then click on “remove account”. In a few minutes your google account will be removed with all its data. Follow the same steps to remove other google account on your phone. Don’t worry your google account has not been deleted permanently, it is just removed from the phone and you can still login through other mobile phones, or on your computer.



  • Factory Reset –

    Remove your sim cards from your phone and your memory cards, because now your phone will be wiped off completely. Follow this step only if you have backup of all your data. Go to your Android Phone’s “settings” and then go to “Backup and Reset” section, here you will see a option to “Factory Data Reset” or “Factory Reset”. It may take some minutes, your phone may switch off and then again turn on i.e it may restart, there is nothing for you to do just sit back and enjoy.

  • Enkrypt Data:

    – Congratulations on your successful factory reset but buddy wait there is something more to look upon before its all completed . Although you have completed the factory reset but then too the bad guys can get all your data. Now the last step is to enkrpt your data, it means to overwrite your data which is left after the factory reset. By doing this nobody can get back your data.

Many people do not Enkrpt their phone’s data because of which the bad guys or hackers can get back their data and then be misused.technology-Android-Smartphone-Thetechdiaries-questions-queries (2)

If you are having any doubts or are not able to follow any step then we will definitely help you, just drop your question in your comments box below.


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