We all hear music and earphones is increasingly used by public. And so,it becomes all the more important that you pick an earphone that has a good sound capacity. The Tech Diaries will analyse earphones under rupees 1500.


These are not recommended as sound quality is not good. We would never recommend you to buy it.



These come with basic packaging. The sound quality is good but you don’t get good vocals. These  can be purchased.

PANASONIC RP-TCM 125                 Rs 540

These are good based earphones. Although the vocals are not so clear and high pitched track is not audible. Its quite comfortable when you wear them.


SCULLCANDY JIB                              Rs  579

Scullcandy earphones are colourful and look so kiddish. The sound quality is not good. We would not recommend you to buy them at all.

AUDIO TECHNICA CLR 100            Rs 579

These are much better than Scullcandy . Sound quality is brilliant and superb. If you want to use mike then you have to pay separately for it. Its an earphone which you can buy.


JBLT – 150 A                                  Rs 725

These are good quality earphones. The price keeps on changing from time to time and place to place. It has a balanced sound.

SENNHEISER CX  180                   Rs 799

These earphones are favourite of many people. If you are looking for durability and good quality sound then these are the right ones. Don’t go for the cable structure.

SONY MDR – EX 150 AP               Rs 899

These are good quality earphones . Sound and wire quality is good. You can buy it.


1MORE PISTON FIT                      Rs 999

Good wire quality with good balanced sound.

You can buy these earphones.


young-girl-listening-enjoying-music-holding-cellular-earphones-thetechdiariesHOUSE OF MARLEY SMILE JAMAICA  RS 1190

It is of good build quality . The base is wooden . It has a good wire quality. The sound quality is not so good. It is not worth its price.

BOAT BASEHEADS 315                        Rs 1299

These are of good quality. Cable is god. No clarity in sound.

(WIRELESS) TAGG T-07                    Rs 1599

If you are going for good quality sound even on high tracks,then you can go for them priced under Rs 1500. The battery life is also good up to 4.5 hours. It has wireless option. You can buy it.



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