Shocking Updates Ever From Google Has Been Announced

Google in its annual conference 2017 has launched most shocking updates about Android O, Youtube, Google Photos, and more about its products.

I have shared detailed information about every announcement that Google made in the evening of Google I/ i/o 2017

Google I/O

Announcements were on the following topics :-

  • Youtube
  • Google Photos
  • Android O
  • Google Lens


Super Chat in Youtube

YouTube-SuperChat-google i/o 2017-google-updates from google- updatesSuper Chat is a feature launched by Youtube in the live streaming videos. It is a comment purchased by the user. This special comment is highlighted during the chat when a video is live streamed by a creator. This highlighted comment stays in the chat for a longer time if you buy for a higher amount. The amount to purchase the comment varies from 0$ to 500$.

Advantages to creators –

  • It allows creator to earn a extra income
  • Creators can get to know who are their biggest fans
  • Often creators are not able to earn much income over time streaming but this option provides them to earn something extra.
  • The creators can now read those comments of the fans through super chat which they were not able to read normally.

Advantages to Users –

  • Now you can directly communicate through your creator super chat in live streaming.
  • Spend more money on super chat and your comment will stay there for a longer time and hence the creator will also reply to it.
  • Let your creators know who is the biggest fan.

Youtube Go

Lot of people amongst us are using youtube and are use too the offline feature of youtube. We save our favourite videos offline and watch them as many times we want without worrying about the internet usage.

Youtube GoYoutube had also launched an app of its own known Youtube Go. Using this app you will watch all those videos which you watch in youtube. You can also save your favourite videos and also can download them. This app consumes comparatively less data to stream videos over internet. If you go with saving the videos offline or downloading them then it shows the exact amount of data needed for it.

Suppose you have a video saved offline in the youtube go app and a friend of yours want that video but does not have internet connection.

Till now there was no feature present in youtube to share offline videos but now it is possible with youtube go. Now you can share the offline videos saved in one youtube go app to another youtube go app. The feature is same as share it app allows you to transfer files offline and youtube go’s offline sharing is same as share it.

You can only share youtube videos which are already saved offline in the youtube go app.


Google Photos

Photo Albums

We all click pictures from our smartphones and most of us store their photos in digital memories like memory cards, smartphones, etc.  Memory cards also have a average life span. They do get damaged over time. If you think to store all the pictures in memory cards, think what will happen to our photos if the memory card gets damaged. All the pictures which you had stored will be lost forever.

photo books-google-google i/o 2017Getting the pictures printed into a photo album is a better option. A photo album will definitely stay with you for a longer time without being damaged.

Google is preparing an update to Google Photos app which an provide an option to print photos into a photo album. This will cost nominally, photo albums will serve great quality detachable printouts.

This feature will be rolled out first in the US and will be expanded to more parts of the world.

This feature is expected to launch through an update later this year.

More updates are yet to come in google photos with the update of photo albums. All this extra updates will come later this year.

Google Lens

Often we click photographs of monuments, restaurants, hotels we love but after some time we forget the place where the picture was taken. Google is launching a system called the google lens. Google lens automatically identifies the monuments in the picture and will give all the regarding it like the phone number, timmigs of visit, etc.

Suppose you saw a banner and wanted to call to the number written in that banner. Now when you sit to call, a big problem is that we cannot copy anything from a image. Google lens will help you and automatically show a option to call on that number in one click. We do not know the date of its launch but is expected to launch with Android O. Google has not confirmed anything about its launch so do not get misguided.



Android O

We all know the latest version of android launched till now is Nougat 7.0. The leaks and humours about the next version Android O have always been crispy. I have shared some true facts about the upcoming version of andorid. All the Data written is confirmed by google.Android-O-Logo

Android has always tried to make itself better with every new version. Adding new and innovative features to every new version is making Android day by day more popular. Google is planning to release the Android O in the coming few months.


Some cool features which are added to Android O are :-

  • Google Play Protect
  • Notification Dots
  • Extension of Autofill Feature
  • Smart Text Selection
  • Kotlin as a official language of android
  • Get Android O

google-play-protectGoogle Play Protect

Google has always very alert towards the security of android from viruses and malwares.

Another cool feature which is to add in Android is a app from Google called Google Play Protect.

This application will scan all the installed apps, files, data. If any error occurs then it will show you the method fixing the errors.

Google Play Protect also has a feature to find your smartphone in case of loss or theft. It can also lock up your smartphone in one tap on the app. It will also give a mapped location of your smartphone for you to get it back.


Extension of Autofill Feature

Hi friends, many of you must have used the autofill feature of chrome ?

For those who don’t know about autofill, it is a feature of chrome which saves the information you enter and allows you to type that information somewhere else in a single tap. Suppose you have logged in to you Facebook account through chrome browser, now whenever you will again try to log in to your facebook account the I’d and password will be filled in a single tap. This is the functionality of autofill.

In Android O, you can use autofill in third party apps like twitter, evernote, gmail, etc. It means that not just chrome but all other apps of your smartphone.


Smart Text Selection

  • Text  Selection is a feature which we all must have used before. Then, what’s new about it ?
  • New is its added functionality, now whenever someone will select a address apart from the options of copy, cut, paste, it will also have an option of viewing that address on Google Maps.
  • This feature will work exclusively only in Android O. You can use the same for mobile numbers, names, etc.
  • This will enhance the power of text selection of Android.
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