Useful Apps for team communication

and businessmen depend on Whatsapp for day-to-day team communication and business. But, many people don’t prefer it as its privacy is intruded. The following are some team messenger apps,which merge multiple enterprise-focused features into a single mobile app.


Flock is one of the useful apps tFlock - The Tech Diarieshat allows colleagues to chat with their office colleagues in an easy manner. This app is available for free on all major mobile operating systems. Once you sign in using your work email ID ,all your official contacts are auto-synced and appear in the contact list. Apart from thebasic features of text,audio,and video chat and sharing files ,the app allows users to manage teams and even share screen within the app. It offers real-time polling feature, like for suppose you are arranging a meeting,one can create a poll on how many are willing to come for it. This app has more than 25,000 customers and has become very popular among companies. By paying a reasonable fee this app can be upgraded for advanced admin controls.



Slack - The Tech Diaries

Slack app, another useful apps that brings team communication,along with the ability to organize conversations by topics,projects,or a group within the team. Apart from sharing documents via the app,it allows one to edit them. Slack has a feature to find automatically archived data and files within the app. Users have to be invited to join a group to be able to start conversations.

Hipchat - The Tech Diaries
HipChat ,one of useful apps for business such as drag and drop file sharing,group messaging , video and audio chats,categorizing chats,bookmarking.  It lets one create unlimited chat rooms,or simply have one-to-one conversations. One can invite gust users of the company,like clients,vendors,and other third-parties into a HipChat group chat room. It has an option of more than 80 tools. It is a free-to-use platform with unlimited number of users and integration. You need to pay for unlimited storage,screen sharing and other advanced features.


TeamChat - The Tech Diaries

Teamchat is one of the business useful apps for free.This  app comes with an admin panel that enables companies to manage users, groups ,downloads,integrations and customizations. Multiple groups can be created with unlimited users. It features smart messages that automatically aggregate replies and update themselves. For example, when a user posts a poll in the group ,the message updates itself automatically with the aggregate result when other group members reply to it. It includes numerous templates including number tracker,survey,poll,multi-field forms,comment,location,nominations,etc,which can be customized and set up, as per requirements.



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